Friday, November 28, 2008

Well, I took the big plunge and decided to expand the number of venues that I offer product at. I don't understand why it's still scary for me to list new items - fear of rejection I guess. Who knows!

I've had a shop front at since I started at etsy. Mostly to make sure I could still get the name. After working through the item listing (which really is pretty straight forward) I now have 2 items for sale there. They have an interesting concept with the sponsered listings and percentage 'sharing'. I did decide to share some of my profits - I tried to keep it similar to etsy so that when I'm figuring out pricing I don't have to have 2 different price models going.

The only thing that's a little frustrating is that I haven't figured out how to tell if anyone has looked at the items or not. Although maybe that's better because then I can't obsess over it!

Here's a link to my shop:


Jen said...

I love your Etsy shop!!!

MyGrandpasPen said...

Thank you Jen! I was over looking at your blog and it's so colorful and fun!

luthien said...

that's cool GP :) i'm still pondering if i want to do some craft and put them in a place like etsy... your cards are cool.. so they'll sell :))))) and thanks for the add :)

sop said...

I singed up for a site myself but the other day I noticed something that really turned me off to using them. You may have noticed that when you list an item and you view the main page of the website your item(s) will show up quite often in the featured product list. When I first noticed this I was very happy that my items would get this type of exposure, as I’m sure most other sellers would. That was until I visited the site from another computer and noticed that my items suddenly were not showing up. I originally thought that maybe they just dropped out of the list over time as listings do. This was until I went back to my main computer and noticed that my items were always showing up on front page.

What I found out is that if you are logged into the site or your session is still active the site knows you’re online and cycles your products through the main page for you to see giving you the impression that your products are getting front page exposure.

However, if you are not logged in or your session has timed out (you wont see the “my store” link on the top right) your items do not show up. So in essence it’s all for show to make you think you are getting front page exposure and you’re not. I find this to be very misleading on their part.

MyGrandpasPen said...

That's very interesting sop - I'm not sure what to think about shophandmade - so far nothing has sold but I only have 2 listings at it.

I'm mostly just waiting to see if anything happens - thanks for the heads up :)