Sunday, November 9, 2008

How much fun is a Cricut!!!

So I do a lot of scrapbooking and you know, sometimes we scrapbookers get bored with all the tools we already have. Sounds like my husband but that's beside the point. I was at a weekend retreat and one of the women there had a cricut! I'd been reading about them on a couple of message boards that I live on...I mean read and after watching her use it - I was smitten!
Long story short I bought a baby bug and a few cartridges and did a lot of playing with it. One of the cartridges I bought had some good card making words on it. One thing lead to another and I printed out this 'thanks' on very flowery paper. After adding the green paper it still needed a little something. I had some of the most shocking pink trim I'd ever seen. It was called 'ostrich eyelash' and it was perfect for that card! It's a little over the top but sometimes life needs a little over the top!

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