Friday, April 29, 2011

Alberta Team on Etsy Spring Sale!

Alberta Team Spring Sale April 29 – May 5
*Please check all Shop Announcements for Specific Sale Details*

Accessories, Bags and Purses 15% off (code SpringSale) 10% off (code SPRING) 10% off (code SPRING) free shipping 10% off excluding shipping (code teamsale) 10% off 10% off (code albertateam2011) 15% off (code FIFTEEN) 10% off (code albertateam10)

Art, Fine Art, Photography, Home Decor and Housewares 50% off (code SPRING2011) 15% off all items (code SpringSale) 15% off excluding shipping 15% off BOGO prints 20% off entire order (code ALBERTA20) 15% off (code Alberta) 15% off excludes chains (code ABTEAMSALE15) 10% off (code SPRING) 20% off (code ALBERTASALE20)

Bath and Beauty 10% off for the month of April (code Spring) 15% off (code ALBERTA15) 15% off

Ceramics, Pottery , Glass, Crochet, Knitting, Needlecraft and Quilts 15% off (code WICKEDSALE) 20% off entire order (code teamsale) 15% off (code Alberta) 20% off entire order (code ALBERTA20) Free Shipping See shop announcement for details 10% off excluding shipping (code abteam10) 10% off (code WICKED10) 15% off (code SpringSale) 10% off (code ABSPRING) 10% off entire order (code Spring10) 10% off (code alberta10) 10% off (code M1N1S) free Canadian shipping

Children and Toys 15% off (code SpringSale) 15% off (code SpringSale) 10% off (code albertateam10) 10% off for the month of April (code Spring) 10% off (code maysale10) 15% off excluding shipping (code SPRING15) 15% off (code spring15) 10% off (code M1N1S) 10% off (code SALE10) 20% off (code ALBERTASALE20) 10% off (code Springsale)

Jewelry 10% off (code SPRING) 15% off excluding shipping 10% off excluding shipping (code teamsale) 10% off (code ABSPRING10) 10% off (code SPRINGFEVER) 10% off (code WICKED10) free shipping 20% off (code SALE20) 10% off (code SpringSale) 20% off (code TeamAlberta2011) 20% off entire order (code teamsale) 20% off entire order (code ALBERTA20) 15% off (code Alberta) 10% off 15% off (code sale15off) 15% off excluding shipping (code Spring15)

Paper Goods 20% off (code springsale20) 10% off excluding shipping (code abteam10) 10% off entire order excluding shipping (code SpringSale11) BOGO prints 10% off (code SPRING) 15% off excluding shipping (code Spring15) 10% off entire order (code Spring10) 10% off (code ALBERTA10)

Supplies, Vintage and Wedding 10% off (code abteam10) 20% off (code springsale20) 20% off (code Spring1120) 20% off (code Spring1120) 20% off entire order (code teamsale) Get 4 digital kits for the price of 2 (see announcement) 10% off (code SPRING) 15% off (code sale15off) 10% off (code ABSPRING10)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Slow Road to 100 Etsy Sales

I had my hundredth sale today – it’s been a very long time coming. I thought it might help some of you for me to let you know what I’ve learned over the last few years.

I opened my Etsy store in June of 2008 – that’s right, 2008. Prior to that I had spent several months lurking on the forums, planning and trying to think of just the right name. Not only just the right name, but just the right profile etc etc etc. After that I spent until the fall of 2008 coming up with just the right product. Are you seeing the common theme here? PERFECTIONISM is my first lesson – let go of it. Plan but don’t be like me and have to cover every single situation, product choice, punctuation mark before finally acting.

FEAR was a tough lesson for me. Don’t be afraid to be yourself – my style is very different than many others here – I can’t create things that aren’t me.

I had some early success and it was fun – joined a great team and kept doing all my fabulous research on the forums and searching around on Etsy and other sites on the net. TIME WASTERS is my next lesson – make sure that time that you spend on your business is actually spent on your business, not on all the things that feel like they’re your business but they’re not. Sometimes it’s tough to figure out what is and what isn’t but if your sales aren’t increasing and you feel like you’re spending your whole life on here, whatever you’re doing might just be a time waster.

I would go through fits and spurts of listing, trying new things, branching out...sometimes listing several times a day, sometimes not listing for days or weeks or months. CONSISTENCY was a huge lesson for me and something I’m still struggling with. Momentum is something that you have to work hard to get and still work hard to maintain. Whatever level you wish to work your business at, work it at that level. I take the summers off because we don’t have internet where I spend the summer. That kills my momentum every year and I feel like I have to start all over again. I’ll be changing that this year.

My last big lesson is DONT TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY – there will be customers, situations, other sellers, technology, product indecision – it’s all part of a business. Do your best, make things right and chose to let go of things that you just can’t control. I wasted two whole months trying to make a situation work that was just doomed from the start and the situation was making me feel horrible. I should have walked away when I first realized I couldn’t let it go.

I’ve really enjoyed Etsy and the great people I know here. Above is one of the first listings I created for Etsy and a link to a similar card.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby's First Year Album

I absolutely love this little album - it's 3x3 - perfect size for a shower gift or special keepsake for a new mom! Over the next couple of days I'll be listing them in blue and green too. I'm always happy to make custom products if you can't find exactly what you're looking for.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Etsylush...and a new predecorated album!

I wanted to show you this new site created by a member of the Etsy Talent Hunt team- it's called EtsyLush and it's a curated site for us to show off our favorite creations! It was made by EurekaGuides
Here's a new chipboard album I finished yesterday just in time for Mother's Day!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still on spring break... We have a two week spring break going on here - life is definitely different with lots of people home. I was able to create these adorable mini cards! I've been teaching myself to crochet and really like these little flowers. And with the glittery paper I think they're just fun!