Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For the boys...

There's a lot of men in our family and I find it really hard to find a handmade birthday card that's not too girly. When I found these metal alphabets I decided they would make the perfect 'manly' embellishment. And of course Basic Grey's Archaic paper just works perfectly with them. The next time I make this design I'm going to change it slightly and add a mat of darker colored paper behind the patterned cardstock - just to soften the contrast between the white card blank and the patterned paper.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spring must be in the air...right???

Since December, Calgary has had very very cold weather. It finally got warm mid January - one of our chinooks - a warm wind that comes over the mountain. So I figure - it's got to be spring, right!! Wrong - after making a few different spring card designs that I absolutely love the temperature has now gone back down, the snow is falling, and we're back to winter again. One of the joys of living close to the mountains!

Here's one of those spring cards - my daughter has decided this design too is part of my 'kindergarden' series - enjoy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The results...

So my informal experiment yielded some interesting results. I had too much going on in real life to keep my internet promotion up so, needless to say, my valentines didn't sell. However, here's the views results - for one set of cards there was no difference in whether they were in the top category of paper or holidays. For the other set there was a significant difference with the holiday top category being higher. So I've decided it's definitely worth using the top category of holidays if your item fits but definitely be sure to put one in the regular spot too!

Here's my newest listing from what I call my 'kindergarden flower' series! Enjoy!!