Monday, June 1, 2009

My simple lighting setup and picture strategy.

One of the areas that seems to cause huge issues for new etsy and online sellers in general is pictures. I wanted to show you my very simple lighting setup. In the top picture there are 4 pieces of white cardboard - 3 of them taped together to form the backing and one forming the floor. It's sitting on a chair in my bedroom and I move the chair around depending on how strong the outside light is - sorry the picture is so bad - it was pretty sunny that day!

I then use the macro setting on my camera (Digital Canon Rebel XT) - it looks like a little flower, and the general use lens that came with my camera. I also take every picture in a portrait orientation (up and down) and use the smallest picture setting. That way I don't have to crop any of the pictures - it's the proper size for etsy. I use vista to auto fix the colors and then upload to etsy.

Hope this helps someone!


Chainmaille By MBOI said...

Great idea yes pictures are very important if you want to sell anything.

Armored Hearts said...

I have a similar set up of a cut out cardboard box with tissue inserts, I use lights. Lately natural light seems to work best. I'm going to try your way. I bet it works better. Thanks for showing this

MyGrandpasPen said...

Thanks for your comments! Sorry the first picture is so bad - if you have questions let me know.

Kymali said...

I was Tagged!

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Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

Great tips! I have a light box too but I find that I still prefer my outdoor pictures.