Friday, December 5, 2008

Maybe I really am cheating on etsy???

So now I've opened a shop on artfire! I decided to try one of the free accounts- you can only have 10 listings at one time but as far as I can tell you don't pay for listing or for selling. I've had no activity as far as I can tell at shophandmade so I put those 2 listings as well as a couple of others on artfire. Each item has had a couple of views so we'll see what happens.

I figure more internet exposure is never a bad thing. Hopefully! There's also great instructions on etsy forums about adding your items to google base so I did that again too. I wish I knew if any of these things were actually producing results or not but it's lots of fun figuring out new things to try.

This blog has become kindof a record of the different approaches I've taken to my online stores. I think it will be really interesting for me to come back and look at in the future.


Sara said...

I've reserved my store over there, but I need to finish some more art before I can really list anything. Hopefully after Christmas vacation I can get around to that. :)

I love your stuff! Glad I discovered your blog.

MyGrandpasPen said...

Thank you - I appreciate your comments! I'm going to be listing more at artfire once I get some more product made. Best of luck to you!